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Team Quinte Health: We All Make a Difference

Stacey Daub, Quinte Health President and CEO, is "walking a mile" with #TeamQuinteHealth! Stacey loves meeting Quinte Health team members in their environment to understand the experience of our teams and patients and experience it with them.

This month, Stacey met with Anita Fife, Hospitality Services Representative at Belleville General Hospital (BGH).

Anita is a night person, so naturally, she loves working the evening shift as a Hospitality Services Representative (HSR) at BGH. Every shift, she is ready to tackle any discharge cleaning with her cleaning supply cart, which she enthusiastically calls her "barbeque" due to its appearance. She's worked at the hospital for 15 years and has seen many upgrades and improvements, including a new Emergency Department (ED) and, most recently, the expansion of the Intensive Care Unit. When she's not at work, she stays active by going to the gym and enjoys canning preserves like salsa, tomatoes, beets and apple sauce.

Get to know Anita by reading the poster below or clicking here.