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Amazing care in TMH Emergency Department

“I want to send a personal thank you to the ER doctor and staff at Trenton Memorial Hospital working the evening of Saturday, April 15. Dr. Soh and the entire emerg team were beyond amazing, and I am so grateful for their care.

My mom and I came in as she was complaining of severe side pains in her stomach. We thought it was a UTI

Dr. Vincent Soh

or Kidney Stone. Dr. Soh originally thought it may be a UTI as her urine sample was showing signs of it. However, Dr. Soh took my mom’s health concerns seriously as the symptoms were not aligning with a UTI. He could have easily sent my mom home with antibiotics, but instead, he ordered a CT scan to check her kidney for stones.

When the test came back that there were not stones, but it looked like ‘something’ was there, he ordered another scan with the dye so he could get a better look. We found out that my mom had an almost 6cm mass on her right kidney. When he delivered the news to us, he spoke very kindly and in a way for us to understand exactly what was happening. He took his time and spent time answering my questions. He also spoke with the Urologist from Belleville General Hospital and got us in to see him first thing the next morning. If Dr. Soh did not do those additional tests, we would still not know the criticality of my mom’s condition.

On top of this, the nurses and staff were so accommodating, kind, caring, and patient with my mom and myself. One of the staff noticed my mom was cold, and graciously brought her another blanket. They even got a warm one right out of the dryer for her. They got her water as soon as she asked. They were gentle and kind when providing the IV and other needles. The porter who brought my mom to the CT scan (twice) was so friendly and patient and even remembered to come back and bring us a warm blanket when we were already back in the room.”

– a grateful family member



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