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Help Re-Imagine the future of Quinte Health Care

Quinte Health Care (QHC) is in the midst of developing a clear vision, a set of priorities, and a strategy that will guide the organization for the next five years and allow us to focus efforts for greatest impact.  To ensure our strategy is relevant and meaningful, we have been reaching out far and wide – connecting with residents, patients, families, partners and all our QHC team members across our diverse communities.

Through our initial exploration we have uncovered key themes and areas of inquiry that we hope to explore more deeply by bringing the full diversity of our communities together for three-hour virtual, highly interactive focus groups called “Strategy Hives”. The intention is for people to attend the hive or hives (people are welcome to attend them all if they wish) that best aligns with their passion and energy.

As such, we are pleased to invite you to join us for one or more of these conversations to help set our priorities for the next 5 years.

Strategy Hive Details:

Strategy Hive #1: Expanding Possibilities for Health Through Shared Purpose

Our local population is rapidly evolving, pushing partners for health to rethink how we meet the needs of seniors and more diverse and marginalized communities. Can we expand our partnerships and promote stronger communities through new and innovative approaches to working together? How can we work together to re-imagine the future of health care in ways that have profound impacts on wellness and quality of life in this region?

Date and Time: Monday, November 29th from 8-11am

Link to Register: https://qhchive1.eventbrite.ca

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Strategy Hive #2: Home at QHC and QHC at Home

We have heard the overwhelming message that our communities value their local hospital. It is the comfort of knowing there is hospital-based care close to home, delivered by people who care about you as their neighbours. How do we celebrate and grow the unique role of each QHC hospital, and grow as one interconnected system of care? Can we bring more care closer to home, and even into the home?

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 30th from 5-8pm

Link to Register: https://qhchive2.eventbrite.ca

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Strategy Hive #3: Humanity and Excellence

Let’s respect that we are all human and at the same time strive for excellence. Excellence does not require superheroes or genius; but an organization-wide passion for learning, trying new things, learning from mistakes, and working together to improve. Where are our opportunities for true excellence? What should QHC be the very best at?

Date and Time: Friday, December 3rd from 2-5pm

Link to Register: https://qhchive3.eventbrite.ca

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Strategy Hive #4: Supporting TeamQHC

We want everyone on TeamQHC to be proud of the work they are doing; to feel welcome and supported; and to be able to grow in their profession and career. What would it take to create an environment where health care professionals from all over see the Quinte region as the place to find joy in work, collaborate, learn, and grow their health care career?

Date and Time: Monday, December 6th from 12-3pm

Link to Register: https://qhchive4.eventbrite.ca

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Strategy Hive #5: Co-Designing Care and Experience

A fundamental principle of engagement is: nothing about them without them.  How inclusive can we get in our decision making at QHC?  How do we ensure that any decision that might affect patients involves patients? What other stakeholders need to be involved and empowered? How inclusive can we get in our decision-making and what might we gain and lose? 

Date and Time: Friday, December 10th from 8-11am

Link to Register: https://qhchive5.eventbrite.ca

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Strategy Hive #6: Pride in Caring

If caring is our business let’s be proud of it and ensure care is in everything we do. Let’s make it unacceptable not to care about our patients, each other, ourselves, and our work. How do we keep everyone engaged at QHC: one team, caring, always wanting to help? How does an organization like ours maintain a caring culture?

Date and Time: Monday, December 13th from 5-8pm

Link to Register: https://qhchive6.eventbrite.ca