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Nursing Orientation 

Hello Nursing new hires! We are thrilled you are here! Below, you will find your nursing specific orientation materials. Please ensure you review all documents, but please be sure to read the documents under the 'Read me First' heading, first. Then you can proceed through all of the other documents/items. 

Read me First: 
Orientation Message to Nursing New Hires
***Please submit your completed virtual orientation agenda to Susan Lang ( no later than the Friday of your orientation week. 

Nursing New Hire Skills Day: 
All nursing new hires are expected to attend the in person/onsite Skills Day, at Belleville General Hospital. The day of the week and the details of the day will be indicated in your welcome email. Please ensure you review the following items before Skills Day. 
COVID- QHC Guidelines for attending education (the skills day)

Orientation Content Materials (all nurses to complete; complete all items in order):
IV Initiation Video
IV Therapy: Theory Video
IV Therapy Manual
Hospira IV Pump Quick Reference Guide
Phlebotomy Booklet
Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank
Transfusion Medicine Handouts
Blood Glucose Monitoring - Point Of Care
Blood Glucose Monitoring - Video Link
Least Restraints Video
Policy 3.16.6 Restraint Minimization
Safe Patient Handling 
Safe Patient Handling Resources
Suction, Crash Cart and First Five Minutes of a Code - Video
TGLN - Trillium Gift of Life

EDOC Documentation Training (required for all nursing except ED nurses; ED nurses do NOT complete):
Section 1: Basics
Section 2 Part 1: Infusions 
Section 2 Part 2: Infusions Continued 
Section 2 Part 3: Specimen Collection
Section 3 Part 1: Electronic Order Entry
Section 3 Part 2: Electronic Order Entry Continued
Section 3 Part 3: Entering Orders into the Admin Data Screen
Section 3 Part 4: Case Study 
Section 3 Part 5: Case Study 
Cheat Sheet for eDoc Functions 
Medicine General Admission Order Set 
SBAR Case Study 

EDIS Documentation Training (Required for all ED and Transition Pool Nurses only): 
Part 1: Introduction to EDIS 
Part 2: CTAS Review 
Part 3: Logging in to EDIS 
Part 4: Patient Assessment Screens 
Part 5: Treatments and Orders 
Part 6: Admission and Departure 
Part 7: Conclusions, Including Colour Indicators 

Orientation Content Materials cont'd (all nurses to complete):
Interprofessional Practice at QHC
Senior Friendly Hospital
Falls Prevention Video
Policy 3.18.8 QHC Fall Prevention and Post-Fall Management
Policy 3.7.5 Emergency - Falls Prevention and Post-Fall Management
De-Escalation at QHC
Collaborative Care at QHC Video 
QHC PSW Scope of Practice
Service Standards of Care Policy 
QHC BPG Champion Package
QHC Clinical Policies List 
Pressure Injury Prevention and Management Video 
Staff Scheduling Office Procedures
Staff Scheduling Forms
Vocantas Scheduling System
Workplace Violence Video
Infection Control - Orientation
PRN Medication - Video
Safe Meds - CMAR
Pharmacy Services - Nursing Orientation


This concludes the nursing new hire orientation. Welcome to Quinte Health Care!