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Notifying the Public of Disruptions to their Access of Services

QHC   Policy No: 2.3.3
Title: Accessibility - Notifying the Public of Disruption to their Access of Services Original Issue Date: January 14, 2010
Manual: Administration  
Department: Issued By: Approved By: Corporate MLT Review / Revision Date(s): 01/14/2010

1. Policy

When there is a disruption of a particular facility or service used to enable a person with a disability to access the goods or services, Quinte Health Care (QHC) will give notice of the disruption to the public, by posting the reason for the disruption, the anticipated duration of the disruption and describe alternative facilities or services that may be available.

This information will be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises and/or by other means considered reasonable.

2. Purpose

Quinte Health Care is committed to providing access and services to people with disabilities. People with disabilities may rely on certain facilities, services or systems in order to access services at QHC. Elevators, for example, are important to people with mobility disabilities.

3. Procedure

  1. Notices of planned and unplanned disruptions will be provided to the public through these means:
    1. Notices posted at main entrances and emergency entrance at relevant QHC site(s).
    2. Message of disruption posted on the QHC Intranet.
    3. Any other method as is reasonable in the circumstances.
  2. If the interruption is expected, a reasonable amount of advance notice of the disruption will be given.
  3. If the interruption is unexpected, notice will be provided as soon as possible.
  4. Notification of disruption applies for any location, technology or method that a person with a disability must use in order to access services at QHC.
  5. Disruptions to all services, such as during a power outage or during a labour dispute, do not require special notice. However, if the disruption has a significant impact on people with disabilities, notice should be provided.

4. References

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