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Medicine - Acute & Critical Care

Critical Care Medicine

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU), located at Belleville General Hospital (BGH), is a regional critical care unit that provides care to the sickest patients served by Quinte Health hospitals.

Often, patients who are in the ICU have a serious health condition or injury, or have just had major surgery.

The goals of the ICU are to:

  • stabilize the patient’s condition
  • keep the illness from getting worse
  • prevent new complications
  • provide specialized treatment to help the patient make the fullest possible recovery

Family involvement

Remember, you are not alone. The ICU team is here to support you and your loved ones. Family and friends are important members of our team. The nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists are available 24 hours a day. Please discuss the patient’s wishes with them.

It is vital for the ICU team to know what medications your family member takes. Please provide a list of the patient's medications including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

Visiting practices

It is helpful for the patient to know people are there every day. Even if they are unconscious, it is important to speak to them as though they can hear you. Short, frequent visits are better than longer ones because the patient needs to rest often, and at regular times, to help them heal.

There are many things you can do that will help the patient stay comfortable, such as talking to them in a low voice, bringing in some favourite music, or moistening their lips with a swab. The nurse will be glad to show you what will be most helpful.

The ICU Family Room is across the hall from the ICU and can be used by families as a place to rest or have a meal.

Please click here for the ICU Patient and Family Handbook.

Assign a contact person

We ask that one person be chosen as the family spokesperson/contact person for medical information. This person can be a family member or a friend. The ICU team will speak and give updates to this person and they can then pass the information on to the rest of the family and friends. Information over the phone will only be given to the spokesperson. There will be times when the doctor or nurse may not be available to come to the phone.

Please give the nurse all telephone numbers where the spokesperson/contact person can be reached.

Discharge or transfer from the ICU

As a patient recovers from or stabilizes after a critical illness, the patient will be transferred out of Intensive Care. The transfer may be to another floor in the hospital, or to another hospital closer to the patient’s home. The team works with the patient and family in the transfer planning to ensure the Power of Attorney and family members are aware of the future plan of care after leaving the ICU.

It is normal for patients and their families to feel some anxiety and fear about leaving critical care. We encourage patients and families to express their concerns to the bedside nurse or social worker who can arrange meetings with appropriate members of the team to address any questions or concerns.

Acute Care Medicine

Quinte Health has medical units at all four hospitals, serving patients with diverse medical needs.