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Maternal Child Program

We provide state-of-the-art health care in obstetrical, postpartum, paediatric and neonatal inpatient and ambulatory services at Quinte Health. We are pleased to assist women and their families during the birth of about 1,500 babies per year. To support our clients and staff, certified lactation consultants are also part of our team.

For labour and delivery patients, please visit our informative "Having a baby at Quinte Health" section. Our social worker and nursing staff have assembled information from what to bring to hospital, where to access prenatal and breastfeeding information, to helpful links and community resources for postpartum support.

For pediatric patients, please visit our informative "Caring for your child at Quinte Health" section. Our social worker and nursing staff have assembled information on a variety of topics including breastfeeding, child development, accessing mental health support and helpful links to community resources.

Quinte Health Belleville General Hospital (Quinte 7)

The P&G Family Centre at Quinte Health Belleville General Hospital was opened in 2000 and is equipped with:

  • 11 LBRP (Labour, Birth, Recovery, Post-Partum) rooms, also known as "Birthing" rooms, allowing the entire birth experience to occur in a single room, with enough space to accommodate family members
  • 2 additional antepartum paediatric rooms (with 5 beds)
  • operating room for caesarian sections
  • high-risk room for difficult deliveries
  • two specialized nurseries (one for paediatrics and a second for high-risk newborns)
  • 6 paediatric patient care rooms
  • 6 cribbed paediatric nursery
  • 1 care-by-parent room
  • procedure room for paediatric patients

The Paediatric rooms include sophisticated monitoring capability and specialized air management systems. The design and décor complement the special needs of the hospitalized child.

Sophisticated lighting, communications, infant and child security systems, heat recovery, and air handling systems, piped nitrous oxide, clinical equipment housed out of sight in wall cabinets, and point of care technology are some of the state-of-the-art features on Quinte 7.

After Hours Access

The BGH main entrance and WCA entrance are closed between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. All patients and visitors can access the hospital during these hours from the Emergency entrance at Dufferin Ave.


Emergency Entrence