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General Radiography (X-Ray)

xray in progressGeneral radiography covers a wide range of imaging tests. Medical Radiation Technologists perform these exams for all Emergency, Inpatient, Outpatient and clinic patients at all four QHC sites.

For more information regarding your exam please click on the appropriate exam type.

How to Book an X-Ray Exam

There are two ways to book most general X-Ray exams:

  1. You may call the Diagnostic Booking office at 613-969-7400 Ext. 2494 between 0830 - 1600 hrs
  2. Your physician's office can book the exam for you

Attending the Exam

Please arrive at the specified Diagnostic Imaging department 15 minutes before the exam. You must bring your health care card and the requisition with you. Due to government legislation, X-Ray examinations cannot be performed without a signed requisition from the physician.

During your Exam

You may be required to change into a hospital gown for your exam to ensure that no metal objects interfere with your diagnostic images. Please do not bring any valuables with you to the imaging department. If there is a chance that you might be pregnant please tell the technologist before your exam.

After your Exam

xray equipmentThere are no restrictions or post exam conditions for most general X-Ray exams. Your diagnostic images will be sent to our PACS system for reporting by a Radiologist and an official report will be sent to the ordering physician. If you require follow up care with a specialist your images and reports may be available to them electronically. In some instances you may be required to pick up a DVD of your diagnostic exam.