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Computerized Tomography (CT)

CT is a study that produces a series of images of specific parts of the body. During the scan, the X-Ray tube moves around the body part being studied, as the table moves the patient through the scanner. The images are generated using technical factors that use the lowest radiation dose possible to acquire high quality diagnostic images.

All CT exams are performed by Medical Radiation Technologists with specialty training in CT.  CT exams are performed at Belleville General Hospital and Trenton Memorial Hospital.

How to book a CT exam:

All CT requisitions must be triaged by a Radiologist before an appointment is made. Your physician will send a CT requisition to the radiology department and an appointment time will be provided to you through your family physicians' office.

Please note:  Wait times for CT and MRI services in particular are longer than usual due to high demand and significant staffing shortages. Urgent cases such as cancer or other potentially life-threatening conditions are prioritized more quickly, which means that individuals with less urgent issues are most impacted by lengthy wait times. You can view and compare wait times for MRI and CT scans across Ontario by clicking here.  You can talk to your doctor about options for reducing your wait if a CT or MRI can be secured faster at a neighbouring hospital or imaging centre (e.g. Peterborough, Kingston, or Napanee).  Our team of dedicated staff and physicians are working hard to continue serving our communities as quickly as possible. Your patience and kindness is sincerely appreciated. 

Attending the exam:

BGH & TMH: Please arrive at the Diagnostic Imaging department front office 15 minutes before your appointment time. Bring your health card with you and leave any valuables at home.

Preparing for the exam:

Some CT scans require the use of an injection of contrast media to enhance the visualization of specific organs and some exams may require an oral or rectal contrast. The technologist performing your exam will explain the procedures to you.

If the injection of contrast media is required your physician may ask for specific blood work to be done in advance. If you are Diabetic, over 70 years of age, hypertensive or have cardiovascular disease, or if you have any renal impairment or only one kidney, blood work will be required. Consult your physician.

Exam Types:

CT Colonography Prep: Click here for instructions.
CT Enterography Prep: Click here for instructions

Recommended Adult Prophylaxis Regimen for Iodinated Contrast

After the exam:

In most cases you may go straight home after your exam has been completed unless you have had a contrast injection. A short waiting period is required post injection. Your CT images will be viewed by a Radiologist and a report will be sent to your physician.