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Crisis Intervention Centre

The Crisis Intervention Centre is a community mental health program located in the Women's Christian Association wing on the fourth floor (WCA 4) at Belleville General Hospital.

Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to respond to crisis calls and offer emergency mental health intervention in the form of assessments, referrals, short-term crisis resolution or simply information. The mental health crisis may have been brought about by relationship breakdown, loss of a loved one, forms of abuse, or any number of life stresses. As well, our team is well trained to care for persons suffering from symptoms of mental illness. 

Our affiliation with Quinte Health and the Department of Mental Health allows us access to the many clinical and technical resources available there.

The Crisis Team is available to any adult (16 years +) experiencing a psychiatric, emotional, psychosocial or situational crisis requiring an immediate, short-term intervention. The staff are also knowledgeable about the range of community resources available and are able to make referrals or provide information as needed. Persons may call directly and do not require a doctor's referral.

Any doctor, community agency or concerned individual who may be involved with someone in crisis and is unable to provide the immediate, therapeutic intervention required is welcome to call. A representative of the Crisis Team is available to provide consultative and educational services to any agency or organization who may come into contact with people in crisis.

The Crisis Intervention Centre can be accessed through a family doctor, health or social service agency, Quinte Health or simply by calling (613) 969-7400 and asking for the Crisis Centre. Clients will be given an appointment the same day or at their earliest convenience. Clients who walk into our office or the Emergency Department will be seen by the first available counsellor. We also provide outreach services weekly, by scheduled appointments, in Picton, Bancroft, Madoc and Trenton. There is no cost for services.

For more information regarding these services, please contact the Crisis Intervention Centre at (613) 969-7400, ext. 2753. You may also call toll free to 1-888-757-7766.

Our on-site hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. Telephone response by a crisis worker is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.