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For more information about COVID-19, including high-risk COVID-19 cases in our community and total number of hospitalizations, please visit Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.

Publicly-funded PCR COVID-19 testing is available only for high-risk individuals who are symptomatic and/or are at risk of severe illness from COVID-19, including for the purposes of confirming a COVID-19 diagnosis to begin treatment, and workers and residents in the highest risk settings, as well as vulnerable populations. Members of the general public with mild symptoms are asked not to seek testing. A full list of eligible individuals can be found here.

Only if you meet eligibility criteria can you request a PCR COVID-19 test. If you meet eligibility requirements, please book online at: https://qhc.coconutcalendar.com/s/covid

Individuals who are not eligible for PCR testing but have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should self-test using a Rapid antigen test. Rapid antigen tests are available at many local pharmacies or grocery stores, for free. Click here to find a location. 

Further COVID-19 guidance can be found here.

If you are eligible to book a COVID-19 Test: 

If eligible, you may book an appointment at one of the COVID-19 Assessment Centres (Bancroft or Belleville). Once you book an appointment through https://qhc.coconutcalendar.com/s/covid or by calling the COVID-19 hotline, you will be provided with instructions and directions (via email if you use the online form) for attending a local assessment centre.  

The hotline is available 9am - 5pm, 7 days per week, but please use the form whenever possible. 

Hotline Info:
Bancroft – (613) 332-2825 ext. 6224 or use the online form
Belleville – Register using the online form.  If you are not able to book online, please call - (
343) 453-5544.  Please do not call if you do have access to the internet to book online. 

Hours for Assessment Centres:
Belleville 9am-5pm, 7 days per week
Bancroft 10am-2pm, Mon-Fri


The Belleville COVID Assessment Centre is closed:
December 25th
December 26th
January 1st

The CAC is open normal hours all other days.

Looking for your test results?  COVID-19 test results can be accessed online by clicking here.

You can request email confirmation of your COVID-19 test results for Bancroft and Belleville Assessment Centres by clicking here

To learn more about pandemic self-screening and visiting at Quinte Health hospitals, click here