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Complex Continuing Care

Located on the Inpatient Unit at Trenton Memorial Hospital, the Complex Continuing Care (CCC) unit provides time-limited, in-hospital care for the patient with complex medical conditions, as well as those requiring restorative care. The goal of CCC is to provide transitional care to support patients and their families as the individual returns to a community setting (i.e. home or residential care). The CCC also provides supportive end of life care.

Patients are admitted to Complex Continuing Care for ongoing medical management, skilled nursing care, and interdisciplinary therapeutic services such as Recreation Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, as well as Spiritual Care and Nutritional Services. CCC offers highly specialized services for those people requiring ongoing health management, diagnosis, therapy and care.

Complex Continuing Care also provides a Slow Stream Rehab (SSR) program that includes low intensity therapy over a longer period of time. The goals and expected outcomes of the program are designed to meet the physical and cognitive rehabilitation needs of the patients.

The ultimate goal of Complex Continuing Care is to transition the patient from an acute care setting through to discharge home or to a supportive living environment suitable to each individual's unique needs.