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What is Bundled Care?

Bundled Care is part of Ontario’s strategy to improve patient care. Hip and Knee replacement surgery were the first procedures in the Bundled Care. In 2018, Quinte Health Care (QHC) joined other Bundled Care hospitals in this new integrated funding pathway of care and services which includes; your initial pre-operative visit, your surgery, hospital stay, and your post- operative rehabilitation therapy.

In Bundled Care funding, QHC is given one payment to cover those care needs in your surgical journey. We are responsible for organizing a seamless pathway from start to finish.

To learn more about bundled care for hip and knee surgery, including information about post-operative rehab therapy, please click here.

Information for Health Service Providers

Referral Information for Post-op Rehabilitation Providers

Invoice Requirements

For service providers who do not have a formal agreement with Quinte Health Care, or if you have further questions, email