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Quinte Health Board of Directors

Quinte Health is governed by a 16-person Board of Directors, made up of 12 volunteer elected Directors and four ex-officio Directors. This team of skilled, experienced and committed members of our community provide essential leadership, stewardship and oversight to Quinte Health.

The Board's role includes setting the plan for our four interdependent hospitals, monitoring Quinte Health's ongoing financial health, performance and patient care, and ensuring an effective two-way flow of communication with the public Quinte Health serves. The Quinte Health Board meets six times per board year. 

More Information:

The Quinte Health Board of Directors for 2022/23 

  • Stacey Daub*, President and CEO
  • Janet Dalicandro
  • Nancy Evans
  • Andrew Fleming
  • Patrick Johnston
  • Gary Hannaford
  • Tamara Kleinschmidt
  • Dr. Colin MacPherson*, Chief of Staff
  • Gary Mitchell
  • Lisa O'Toole
  • Peggy Payne
  • Ross Rae
  • Lina Rinaldi*, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Christian Sauvageau

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Vacant non-voting positions: President of the Professional Staff Association
*ex-officio (non-voting) Board Member