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QHC Belleville General Hospital

265 Dundas Street East
 Belleville, Ontario, K8N 5A9

Phone: (613) 969-7400 - Fax: (613) 968-8234

Driving Directions (From Highway 401 - East or Westbound)

  • Take the Hwy-62 South exit (543A) toward Belleville.
  • From the exit ramp, turn right onto N Front St.
  • Turn left onto Dundas St. E.
  • QHC Belleville General is located at 265 Dundas Street E

After Hours Access

Please be aware that the BGH main entrance and Sills entrance is closed between 9PM and 6AM.All patients and visitors can access the hospital during these hours from the emergency entrance at the Dufferin Ave. during the overnight hours.

This move puts us back to the pre-construction after hours hospital entry. The BGH main doors were previously opened to accommodate construction and visitor traffic issues around our capital projects. With the construction ending and accessible routes through the hospital opening up we can now go back to after hours entry through emergency.


Hospitals are encouraged to use parking fees as a revenue source to supplement government funding. Parking revenues help hospitals provide its communities with the programs and services it needs.  Visitor/patient parking is available at the Belleville General Hospital in front of the Charlotte Sills Wing, adjacent to Dundas Street, between McDonald and First Streets. There is also a parking lot in front of the WCA building, accessed from Dufferin Street.

Our visitor lots at QHC Belleville General Hospital are equipped with gated entrances. When visitors enter the gated lot, they will receive a ticket and will bring the ticket with them into the hospital and pay before returning to their vehicle. A paid/validated parking ticket is required in order to exit the gated lot. Pay-as-you-go machines are available in the main entrances of QHC Belleville General Hospital and accept cash and credit cards.

Patients and visitors who wish to park in the WCA lot, are asked to enter from Dufferin Street and exit onto McDonald Street. For the large lot in front of Sills, patients and visitors are asked to enter off of McDonald Street and exit at the south east corner of the lot.


Parking rates are:

Hourly $4
Daily (one time exit): $15
*Daily (with in and out privileges): $15

5-day pass:$22.50 
10-day pass: $45.00
30-day pass: $110.00
***15 minutes or less is free (use the same ticket to exit that you received when you entered the parking lot) Note: When you insert your ticket at the kiosk inside the hospital, it will show you how much time as passed since you received your ticket. If it is less than 15 minutes, select "cancel" and use the ticket to exit the parking lot.

  • If a visitor selects the "day pass" button and pays their $15, when they put their ticket in the slot at the gate, they will get their ticket back immediately so that it can be used again the same day.
  • The new 5-day, 10-day and 30-day passes (implemented October 2016) are available for purchase at patient registration located just inside the main entrance of the hospital.   The passes include unlimited in and out privileges (24 hour periods at a time), does not have to be used over consecutive days, and it’s good for one year from the time of purchase.   
    If you have purchased a multi-use pass and would like to check how many uses you have left, visit this website --  and enter your parking pass card number.
  • The parking pay stations that are located at the main entrance and in the Sills parking lot will accept $20 bills, coins and credit cards only (no debit). Machines will not accept $50 or $100 bills.

Public Transit

A bus stop is located just outside the main hospital entrance on Dundas Street. Information on routes and schedules is available by calling Belleville Transit at 613-962-1925.

Sills entrance and procedure for dropping off and picking up patients

Following feedback from the Fire Department, we must be strict in enforcing the no stopping/parking rules at the front of BGH. Therefore, please do not park outside of the Sills building or at the Main Entrance. People can stop in front of the building but not leave a car unattended. There must be a driver that can move the car immediately if required.

There is a phone in the Sills lobby so that anyone arriving to pick up a patient from Day Surgery can call down and let the team know they are at the entrance; a porter will then bring the patient to the door. However, if the person chooses to go to the Day Surgery area themselves then they need to park in the parking lot, bring the patient to the lobby and then go get their car.

Should someone stop at either entrance for an excessive amount of time or leave their car parked unattended at the front of Sills or the Main Entrance they may be ticketed and towed, as the signs currently inform. The area along the front of the building is a fire lane and we should keep in mind that the fire department can also ticket here and their fines can be up to $10,000.