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Annual Report 2016/17

Message from President and CEO Mary Clare Egberts

Staff and physicians created our values in 2011 — imagine it’s you, respect everyone, always strive to improve, we all help provide care and take ownership.   Over the past five years, we’ve come to know them well.  They speak to what matters most about how we treat our patients and their families, and each other.  They remain at the heart of our continued improvement efforts and inspire our priorities to provide an exceptional experience for every patient, and to improve the work experience for staff and physicians. 

2016/17 was a year of tremendous improvement efforts despite facing unprecedented patient volumes as we see more patients, with more complex needs —an environment we share with many other hospitals across the province.   Thanks to the tireless work of our staff and physicians, we’ve found innovative ways to face our challenges, explore and implement improvements to become more efficient in how we do things, and identify areas requiring additional investments. 

In fact, for 2016/17, our target was 336 improvements.   We achieved more than double that- with 676 improvements implemented across 28 areas of our four hospitals!   We will build on that momentum in the year ahead as we have a lot more work to do as we attempt to improve patient experiences and work life. 

I am happy to complete my report in a video format to introduce you to a number of our staff, physicians and volunteers.   I hope you enjoy this celebration of exceptional patient care.   Thank you. 

Message from Board Chair Doug McGregor

As many are aware,  there is an old saying “May you live in interesting times”.   Looking back at QHC’s last year, it was indeed interesting because of both what was accomplished, and the degree of difficulty in doing so given both the fiscal environment and capacity challenges.

As part of our oversight responsibilities, the Board of Quinte Health Care had a lot of contact this year with those who work and volunteer in our four hospitals.  It is impossible not to be impressed by the staff, clinicians, auxiliary and foundations who all do incredible work at each hospital.  

Of course most of the board’s interactions are with the QHC management team.  These strong leaders also continue to impress us with their commitment to patient care, engagement of the front line staff in improvement efforts, and their adaptability in facing the additional capacity challenges – as faced by virtually all hospitals across Ontario, and our unique financial challenges.

In our “Year at a Glance” tent cards – you will find some interesting statistics from 2016-17.

  • · 311, 000 people received care at our hospitals - 13, 400 were admitted as inpatients
  • · Our emergency department staff, volunteers and physicians cared for over 104, 000 patients.
  • · 144, 500 diagnostic images were taken
  • · 23, 900 surgeries were conducted
  • · more than 10,000 patients received cancer care in our oncology department
  • · And happily 1500 babies were born.

All of this was done with a modest surplus to help our balance sheet. 

However, accomplishments simply can’t be measured by numbers alone.  We acknowledge that 2016/17 was a tough year.  While the quality of care continued to be high, the people of QHC had to quickly adapt to meet the challenges. Adapting while continuing to serve in a 24/7 health care is not easy.  Extra hours, new ways of doing things, and new faces to work with were just some of the conditions faced. 

So, to the staff and clinicians of QHC—I want to thank you the most.   You rose to a difficult set of conditions and continued to deliver excellent care.  On behalf of the board of directors and the people of the Quinte Region, thank you very, very much for all that you did, and continue to do.  Your motivation—to do the best for our patients— inspires us all.  A s the chair of the board, it is a privilege to be associated with you in your noble calling.