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The "Comfort Bath" A new bathing system that supports reducing the number of hospital acquired infections

During the summer of 2013, Quinte Health Care, following a four month trial, introduced a new bathing system which supports reducing the number of hospital acquired infections.

The "Comfort Bath" product provides the same benefits as soap and water. It is being used by our patients who require a bath in bed or at the bedside and replaces the basin which can harbour and grow bacteria that cause infection. The pre moistened cloths are gentler on the skin than regular soap and contain purified water and moisturizers so the skin will not feel dry. The packaged wipes are stored in a warmer on the unit, making them warm and comfortable for our patients to use. One "Comfort Bath" package contains enough cloths to clean the entire body and instructions for bathing are included on the package.

Staff have received training on proper use and welcome any questions that our patients may have about this new and improved process for bathing.