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Brighton Happy Quilters - Delivering the gift of warmth to patients at QHC for almost a decade

Photo of Brighton Happy Quilters holding items they have made for patients at TMH and BGHThere’s nothing like the gift of warmth to brighten ones day and the Brighton Happy Quilters have brought a lot of warmth and joy to patients at Quinte Health Care (QHC) over the years. Their involvement with QHC began nine years ago when they made lap quilts for patients while they participated in Bingo games at QHC TMH and BGH. That tradition continues today. Over the years they have also provided patients with a Christmas quilt and other items such as walker bags for those with a wheelchair or walker, soft bears, Christmas angels, fiddly quilts, pillows, weighted quilts, shawls and more. They also provide final wraps for babies who are born stillborn, and new this year, they provide covers, pads and a range of other needed items for babies who are born in the Intensive Care Unit at QHC BGH. 

The Happy Quilters began on September 19, 2005 and are in the midst of planning a tenth year celebration.  The team of ten have created and donated over 2,200 quilts since they began and have supported native communities, charitable events,and are now making fiddly quilts in 24 locations, mostly nursing homes. 

Thank you to the Brighton Happy Quilters for your contribution over the years and for helping to spread warmth and cheer to our patients while they are being cared for in our hospitals.