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"The future of TMH is bright!" - CEO thanks TMHF donors

We couldn't do it without you.  The future of TMH is bright! 

CEO Mary Clare Egberts addresses over 100 TMHF donors at the foundation's Day of Celebration!

I’d like to thank the foundation for inviting me to help acknowledge the incredible generosity of the donors that support Quinte Health Care services through the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a complex continuing care patient and her husband here at TMH.   Gail and Gerry spoke about how wonderful the care is and how hospitable the staff members are in providing that care.   The only complaint they had was the taste of the hospital food.   Overall, I consider that a positive review indeed. (You could add whatever other comments may be worth sharing.)

Patient interactions like the one I had with Gail and her husband here at TMH continue to inspire me, as it does the talented and caring front line clinicians, physicians and volunteers…and of course donors like you.   

The dollars you provide translates directly to exceptional patient care.  Your generous donations mean our health care professionals have the tools they need to provide the best care to patients like Gail.  We need that support now more than ever. 

It’s a challenging, but exciting time to work in healthcare as the demands on services are increasing due to an aging population, technology continues to advance - bringing with it both opportunities and challenges -  and the systems that worked yesterday may need to be adapted to meet the health care needs of tomorrow.  But that’s nothing new.  Our health care system has never been static and there are never any guarantees.  The only constant in health care is change.   

As health care leaders, we will continue to seek out at creative and collaborative ways to best meet the health care needs of the people of our region including the residents of Brighton and Quinte West.   I assure you, the future of TMH is bright.  We have a vibrant hospital and we have been very vocal in our commitment to a strong future for Trenton Memorial Hospital.  My colleague, CFO Brad Harrington, represents QHC on the LHIN TMH task force.   He is extremely excited by the collaborative opportunities to benefit the residents of Quinte West and Brighton.  

As we move ahead with planning for the future, we continue to need the support of the Foundation and its generous donors to ensure the hospital care providers have the tools they need for exceptional patient care at Trenton Memorial Hospital.   As you likely are aware, the government does not fund equipment needs, so I thank you so much for your continued support.  We simply could not do it without you!