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Impact of Hospital Volunteers- Over 1200 volunteers contributed approximately 110,000 hours in 2015

Volunteers make a significant impact within the four hospitals of QHC every day.  In 2015, over 1200 volunteers contributed approximately 110,000 thousand hours.  While the numbers are impressive, what could never be accurately measured is the human impact the volunteers make by selflessly investing their time in support of health care.  The scope of volunteerism at QHC is vast.

Auxiliary Volunteers account for nearly 92,000 of the volunteer hours given in 2015. Volunteers with the North Hastings Auxiliary, PECMH Auxiliary, TMH Auxiliary and BGH Auxiliary are active in direct patient care areas such as oncology, dialysis, breast screening, day surgery, inpatient unit and emergency department ambassadors.   In addition, Auxiliary Volunteers operate revenue generating businesses and fundraising events in support of the purchase of equipment and to support patient activities and staff education.  They also provide important information and way-finding support to patients and visitors.

Foundation volunteers plan, organize and execute incredibly successful fundraising events to support the purchase of equipment and education funds for staff.  Spiritual Care representatives provide much needed support to patients. QHC Board and Advisory Council members volunteers give their time to help govern and advise the corporation.  Other volunteer-based activities within the hospital include the Interfaith Committee members, the BGH Museum Archives group, entertainment volunteers, along with volunteers with our community partner organizations supporting patients coming into the hospital. 

Our messages of thanks during National Volunteer Week is admittedly a small gesture of appreciation - but we sincerely hope all volunteers know these small gestures are extended with enormous gratitude from everyone at Quinte Health Care. 

For more information visit the National Volunteer Week 2016 page on the QHC website.