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Roll out of team approach to patient care continues

Care providers all working together.  That's the basis of what we call Interprofessional Patient Care (IPC).  It's new at Quinte Health Care and has been implemented in many patient care areas and will be rolled out on all units by May.   

For the units that have started it already, the patients have given some very positive feedback- especially about the 'hourly rounding'. One part of improving communications in the new team approach is having a care provider check with every patient every hour. 

This change in how we provide care does mean reduced numbers of registered nurses in the organization, but patients will continue to receive quality care through the added roles of Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers.  A care plan is developed for each individual patient to determine what their needs are, and then we ensure they have the right team members with the right skill sets caring for them!  

This video explains the care teams in less than 2 minutes!

Also, in this 1 minute 20 second video, long time Registered Nurse Michelle Ryan says she has worked in a team approach before and believes it can work again.  She explains 'how'!