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Create an Exceptional Patient Experience 

Create an Exceptional Patient Experience is one of our four strategic directions at QHC. Its all about bringing the patient and their family (whoever they define as family) into the circle of care. It is now up to the patient and family to decide when visiting is most needed and wanted instead of us defining set hours.

Patient Support Principles - Visiting: We continue to learn from the feedback we receive from our patients, family members and community. We've heard loud and clear that an exceptional patient experience extends beyond the excellent medicine and procedures patients receive at QHC hospitals. An integral part of the experience is giving patients the opportunity to decide who they need at the bedside, and when. 

QHC President & CEO Mary Clare Egberts; Chief of Staff Dr. Dick Zoutman; CNO & VP Katherine Stansfield; and Clinical Manager Pam Melanson discuss the patient experience and how welcoming family more openly improves care. 

Sills 3 nursing staff were treated to a 'kudos serenade' by former patients Sybil and Michael McBride. Each were inpatients at separate times, and say the environment the caring staff members create for patients on Sills 3 is like being a part of "one big family"! This is one of the patient units at QHC that has already taken an open approach to family and visitors!

Other Patient Experience Initiatives:

  • The corporate-wide implementation of name tags to assist our patients and visitors in better identifying staff and their respective roles.
  • QHC's education team is working hard to roll out a communication tool called "AIDET".  The concept reinforces the need to communicate with patients and family members in a way that is respectful, inclusive and addresses the concerns of those we serve. 
  • Continuing to engage our Advisory Council in decisions made at QHC.

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Other hospitals have experienced great success with taking a patient and family centred approach. Check out this CBC story about our neighbour hospital KGH turning patients into health care partners: